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Xander Zzyzx
14 March 1982
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A Little About Me:

Who are you?
What should I say? well, I was born In Southern Alberta, and grew up here too. and am currently living in Lethbridge, which for those who don't know, is in Southern Alberta. I'm currently apprenticing in the electrical trade, to start out being an electrician, and maybe hope to be successful in that venture.

I used to be known as Tiado, about a couple years ago I decided I wanted to start changing my online name and fursona from Tiado to Xander Zzyzx. I've also changed my fursona from being yet another wolf/husky to something truly different: a Tasmanian devil. So yes, I'm a furry, what of it? I like furry art, and yes, some furry porn too. I also like costuming such as fursuits. Since I've had many opportunities from friends to wear fursuits, I have developed a taste for fursuiting, and hope to get a suit made of my fursona sooner or later.

What's your fursona like?

Info coming soon

What are you like?

Info coming soon

Anything else?
If you want to get to know me better, just ask, I won't bite unless of course you ask me to ;) If you like to be added to my friends list, just send me a message and I'll get back to you, after checking out your journal of course. :)

Also, I'm still rocking the furcode:
FMaT3adrw A C- D++ H+ M- P R T W- Z- Sm RLCI a35 clmn+ d e+ f h+ i+ j p- sm+

And Now For The Miscellaneous Crap:

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